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The purpose, mission, vision, and goals listed below are for the Office of Institutional Research only. To see the University vision, mission, and goals, please go to the Fact Book page and click on the appropriate link.




The Office of Institutional Research (OIR) provides leadership of the Northwestern State University with accurate, consistent, ongoing, integrated, university wide administrative and management information based on evaluation and development of processes that incorporate a systematic review of the institutional mission, goals and outcomes which result in continuous organizational improvement and institutional quality to demonstrate how the college is accomplishing its overall strategic goals (the effectiveness of the organizational strategy) and accreditation compliance.  




The mission of the Office of Institutional Research (OIR) is to enhance institutional effectiveness with information and analysis to support research, planning, policy formation, and decision making through facilitating and coordinating the collection, analysis, and interpretation of institutional data in an effective, cohesive, and timely manner. The OIR collects, preserves, analyzes and interprets data as well as provides quality and timely information. The OIR supports critical academic initiatives of strategic importance to the University, such as program review, institutional assessment, student outcomes assessment, facility planning, etc. and provides assistance to faculty, and staff in conducting research to support University themes and academic planning priorities. The Office assists the University in advancing and fulfilling its mission by providing institutional accountability data and reports to its constituents and communities.




The Office of Institutional Research strives to be a knowledgeable provider of accurate, unbiased, relevant, research-based information and a quality resource for solutions and strategies.





Enhance the quality and usefulness of information collected, maintained, analyzed and delivered to the campus community for planning, advancement, and compliance purposes.

Demonstrate Northwestern's compliance with established federal and state performance metrices through compilation of report data regarding established key quality and performance indicatators and for use by federal and state agencies in developing goals and policies for allocation of funding and resources. 

Collect, maintain, analyze and disseminate information used by federal agencies, national research consortiums, and non-profit professional organizations to compare the effectiveness and performance of Northwestern State Univeristy's academic environment to higher education institutions nation-wide.


Enhance the relevance of the Office of Institutional Research as a provider of research-based data to effectively contribute to organizational improvement.